Download mol2chemfig

To run mol2chemfig on your computer, you first need to install Python. This alone is sufficient for the web client version. The full local install also needs the Indigo toolkit and accompanying Python API. Make sure you have these prerequisites installed and working before attempting to run mol2chemfig.

Alternatively, you can use mol2chemfig through a web client (mol2chemfig.lua). This client is used in much the same way as the locally installed program, but behind the scenes it hands off all the work to this server. It depends on LuaTeX only, which as a TeX user you likely already have installed on your computer.

All files required to install mol2chemfig—either the full version or the web client—are contained in this zip archive: Download and unzip in a convenient location, then follow included instructions.

The zip archive also contains the LaTeX macros required to compile the code generated by mol2chemfig. If you plan on using only the web interface, you still need these macros. Download the mol2chemfig LaTeX package and save it either in your TeX tree or in the same directory as your document.

Version history

  • Optional nicer double and triple bonds
  • Option to ignore indigo structure validation
  • Optional generation of named handles for bonds and atoms, for attaching push arrows or other, arbitrary graphics elements
  • Some modifications to molchemfig.sty. Users of the Lua client version should update their local molchemfig.sty package to version 1.4.
  • Fixed bugs with wavy bond and push arrow styles (h/t Vincent Liegeois). For users of the Lua client version, this requires updating the molchemfigs.sty package to version 1.3b.
  • Added support for molfiles containing more than one molecule or unbonded atoms (h/t Philipp Bisson)
  • fixed another bug with --crossbond option: Cross bond would go astray when departing from atom carrying charge (or, presumably, hydrogens) on the left
  • fixed bug with edge case of --crossbond option
  • patched \setbondstyle macro in mol2chemfig.styto accept background style of cross bond as optional argument
  • added --crossbond option to render some bonds above others. Note that this option requires the corresponding version 1.2 of mol2chemfig.sty also.
  • removed --ratchet-angle option. With the (earlier) switch to the indigo toolkit, this option appeared no longer useful.