First, make sure that cookies and JavaScript are enabled – without either, chimpsky will not work. If Javascript is not enabled, you should see a warning. If cookies are not enabled, there will be no warning, but chimpsky will keep complaining about required logins, wrong passwords and the like.

Chimpsky has been tested and should work on recent (as of June 09) versions of the following browsers:

  • Firefox 3 (Windoze and Linux),
  • Google Chrome (Windoze),
  • Internet Exploder 7 (Windoze),
  • Konqueror (Linux; with some slight rendering and printing glitches).

As I have no Mac, browsers on that platform have not been tested.

Aside from browser issues, there may of course be bugs in chimpsky itself. If you get bitten by one, please report to mpalmer (at)