Follow these steps to get started using chimpsky:

  1. Sign up for a user account.
  2. Click Create new task. A task is simply a container for a group of files that are suspected of overlap.
  3. On the new task's summary page, select Files - Add to upload your test document files (most common document formats will work) and optionally a template file.
  4. Click File comparisons - Run new to compare all files to one another. If you provided a template file, any content taken from that file will be excluded from the comparison among the test files.
  5. Once the comparison is completed, chimpsky will show you a summary. If matches were detected, survey them by following the Files, Matches, and Tree links on the summary page.
  6. To see the results for an individual file, display the file summary page by clicking on the file name in any of the File, Matches, or Tree views.
  7. To display the matches between a given pair of files, click on the number of overlapping words in the Matches view, or in the table of matching files in an individual file summary page.
  8. To search a file for web-derived content, click on the Glens link in the file summary page. Click on any word in the document to trigger a search, or click on the dice to trigger a series of random searches. If a search turns up a significant result, select the checkbox next to it, and save.
  9. When done, return to the file summary page. Use your browser's print function to obtain a printer-friendly version of your results.
  10. Have a look at the other help pages for more in-depth explanations of individual topics.