To search a file for web-derived content, click on the Glens icon in the file summary page. The search function is conceptually similar to copying a phrase from the text and pasting it into a Google search box. However, the process has been streamlined in two ways:

  1. Instead of copying and pasting a phrase, you just click on any single word in the document text to trigger a search.
  2. If the search for the word you selected succeeds, the search will be repeated with 1, 2, ... neighboring words downstream and upstream included, until no further match is found. In this way, the number of matches is narrowed down to the most significant ones.

The phrase that is currently being searched is highlighted in the text, and the matching results are displayed to the right. When you have run multiple searches, you can return to the search results of any search by clicking on the highlighted text.

Search results can be saved on the server for inclusion in printed reports. Check those that you consider significant, check the save results checkbox, and click submit. Previously saved results will be purged if you check the clear previous checkbox.

After saving a set of search results, the searches with one or more associated results checked by you as significant will be highlighted in red, whereas those with no significant results will be highlighted in green. On the file summary page, only the significant searches will be highlighted. On the print output of the summary page, significant search phrases will be underlined, and the associated URLs will be listed at the bottom of the page.

As an alternative to the selection of single words, it is also possible to trigger a series of searches randomly, by clicking on the dice icon. Click on phrases highlighted in yellow to inspect the associated matches.